“25% increase in revenue”

I was about to try to sell my agency just before attending the ASCEND conference in January 2016.

Rudy Garcia, Qandun Insurance Agency

Rudy Garcia of Qandun Insurance in California, during a presentation at ASCEND

ASCEND changed everything for me.

The agency leaders I met and the strategies & ideas I discovered at ASCEND inspired me to begin building what Nelson & Scott call a NextGeneration Benefits Firm. In just the past nine months we:

  • Have begun moving from commissions to consulting fees;
  • Implemented an agency management system;
  • Expanded our offerings with self-funding and consolidated billing;
  • Are offering “integrated benefits” and “smart bundles” of core and voluntary benefits;
  • Have implemented an automated lead-generation program;
  • Put a nationally known ERISA attorney on retainer;
  • Invested in several disruptive technologies including a new ben admin system;
  • Added full employee benefits and a 401(k) with a 4% match for our team; and
  • Almost doubled our staff with three strategic new hires.

Moreover, I’ve been able to take my business to another level of planning and organization. I honestly feel like a real, legitimate CEO of a company now. This whole transformation has got my mind and heart buzzing!

Since ASCEND I now am at a 25% increase in revenue this year over last and have no intention of selling anytime soon.

RUDY GARCIA, President
Qandun Insurance Agency, Glendale, CA


Do you have a specific & detailed plan in place to grow your benefits firm in 2018 and beyond?


ASCEND Co-Founders Nelson Griswold & Scott Cantrell, authors of the industry bestselling book, DO or DIE: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success

ASCEND Co-Founders Nelson L. Griswold & Scott Cantrell, authors of the industry bestselling book, DO or DIE: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success

Employee benefit firms are facing more uncertainty, more disruption, more competition, and more client demands than ever before. The business model and approach that provided decades of consistent, stable, and lucrative opportunities & revenue is no longer relevant or sustainable.

Despite these new challenges, there are benefit leaders across the country who have positioned their firms to take advantage of the new reality and they are accelerating their growth and success. You can discover their secrets from the leaders themselves at ASCEND.

ASCEND helps your employee benefits firm achieve four key goals:

  • Remain Relevant
  • Stay Independent
  • Become More Profitable
  • Achieve More Organic Growth

Designed by & for benefits firms, ASCEND is like no other industry event you’ve ever attended. Experience a truly interactive, collaborative experience with some of the industry’s most innovative agency leaders while discovering proven agency growth strategies & honing your leadership skills.

Register now to attend ASCEND & prepare to explode your 2018!


Why You Should Attend ASCEND (And One Reason You Should NOT)



While other industry conferences focus on the technical aspects around working IN your business (ACA, regulations, products, plan design, etc.), ASCEND is solely focused on helping agency leaders grow their firm with strategies working ON their business. Growth strategies & leadership skills are at the heart of ASCEND’s focus on ensuring that independent firms will continue to survive, succeed, and thrive. 


2)  BUSINESS-BUILDING CONCEPTS Based on the Industry Best-Seller, Do Or Die


ASCEND was created by the authors of Do or Die: Reinventing Your Benefits Agency for Post-Reform Success. The conference is based on the four areas of growth discussed in the book: Portfolio, Marketing, Selling, and Management. These are the very keys to organic growth, more revenue, and greater profit for your firm. The reinvention plan laid out in Do or Die comes to life at ASCEND as practitioners of successful strategies share their experiences & best practices.


3)  EXCLUSIVITY (Agency Leaders Only)

Because of the collaborative nature of ASCEND, the event is exclusively for benefit agency leaders: owners & principals of benefits firms and benefits practice leaders at P&C agencies. Only those who also lead a firm truly understand the challenges & opportunities that you face.  When you attend ASCEND, you know you’ll be meeting, networking, sharing, and collaborating with other agency leaders who have the same motivations & goals as you.



Tim Olson Adviser of the Year

TIM OLSONASCEND Alumnus & EBA’s 2015 Benefit Adviser of the Year

Tim Olson and The Olson Group in Omaha, NE began working with agency growth consultants Nelson Griswold & Scott Cantrell four years ago to implement the same kind of business-building strategies that are taught and shared at ASCEND. Over the past four years, The Olson Group has achieved over 75% organic growth – including 55% growth over just 24 months! – resulting in nearly $1.8 million of additional top-line revenue while maintaining a 35% profit margin.

His organic growth along with what Employee Benefit Adviser (EBA) magazine called Tim’s “trend-setting business practices” were the core reasons why EBA named Tim Olson the 2015 Benefit Adviser of the Year (cover left).

Click the brief video below to hear Tim discuss the The Olson Group’s path to their tremendous recent successes.


This website is littered with ASCEND Success Story segments highlighting the phenomenal results of our attendees using the strategies & resources they discovered at ASCEND 2016.

And after ASCEND 2016, a number of attendees shared their experiences at the event. See what they’re saying by clicking the brief video below.


guarantee-sealYou can register with confidence because you are protected by ASCEND’s complete 100% Money-Back ASCEND Performance Guarantee. You are guaranteed the value of the business-building information & growth strategies and the overall experience at ASCEND.

If any attendee believes that he or she has not received value equivalent to or surpassing their investment by the end of the first day of the Summit (Thursday, January 18, 2018), we will refund their entire registration investment PLUS $500 for travel expenses. And after leaving the conference, he or she can enjoy the rest of the weekend enjoying Nashville.

No other industry event offers any such guarantee, but there is so much confidence in the value that will be delivered at ASCEND that the conference founders are happy to “put their money where their mouth is.”

Simply put, there is no risk to attend ASCEND – you either get value equal to or greater than expected, or you get your investment back.

The ONE Reason Why You Should NOT Attend ASCEND

Simple. Do NOT come to ASCEND if you are NOT willing to embrace essential change.no-change-circle-slash

If you are NOT ready to invest time, effort, and money to move to a higher level of performance and success with your firm, then your time and effort at ASCEND will NOT serve you.

If you are NOT ready & willing to open your mind; collaborate with other agency leaders; discover & embrace new methods, strategies, and resources… then ASCEND will NOT serve you.

If you are NOT willing to contribute positively to the conversation at ASCEND, share your successes, and ask thoughtful questions, then ASCEND will NOT serve you.

However, if you are open to…

  • new approaches
  • discovering best practices & proven growth strategies
  • collaborating with high-performing agency leaders
  • accessing resources to positively impact your clients and your firm, and
  • achieving serious organic growth…

…then you should reserve your seat at ASCEND now.